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episode 21 includes a list of awesome podcasts way better than the podcast you are listening to right now, and poetry, and a real life story that took 30 years 

Here I am talking 

SuperSab Tricks and Treats time travel to the past in this ReRun Naked Seattle Vegans Halloween Tricks and treats 

what do you do when your therapist breaks up with you naked vegans seattle rules 

Episode 17 is all Game Of Thrones Predictions Jon Snow Cersei Lanister Dany targaryon who will sit on the iron throne HBO Game Of Thrones Season 7 naked queer vegans

Mary Kay Letournea is an American former schoolteacher who pleaded guilty to two counts of felony second degree rape of her 12 year old student Vili Fualaau she went to jail then...

Summertime is fun and busy. stay cool Seattle Summer Queer Magic Mermaids Dogs unicorns swimming  Game of Thrones Winter is here music much much more naked good times

Episode 14 is a rerun. it's from the archive. This episode is all about Lady Gaga. Nope. It's all about  Baby GaGa. Breat milk icecream. is that a thing? well it was when this p...

this closes the Shadow Walk episode started on episode 12, Listen to that one first. Rod and Teri, Sab and Diana with wine and laughs Please go out and celebrate who you are. Happy...

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